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A Step Up From the Streets and Deeper Into the Shadows

Life on the gang-run streets of Seattle were tough, but at least you knew which thugs were your friends, which ones would frag you for looking at them the wrong way, and which ones were actively hunting you, your friends, and family.

Living in the Shadows is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules, cutthroat players, and no trophy for second place. Luckily you still have some friends both old and new who are willing to help keep you alive as long as it pays well or isn’t too risky…

Team Lambda is run by trusty old “Lance” and comprises individuals he has carefully chosen from his military past, his partnership with the street gang Legion, and from friends of friends along the way. As part of Team Lambda you were provided with training you would need to survive in the shadows and access to gear that most street gangers would never be able to acquire…

Home Page

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