The Redmond district of Seattle, UCAS is more commonly known as The Redmond Barrens. Well known for its run-down metahuman ghettos/projects.

At the end of the 20th century Redmond was a center of computer industries in the North American northwest. The Shiawase nuclear powerplant Trojan-Satop had a particular meltdown, creating the notorious Glow City. Most humans and metahumans left Redmond after that disaster. Then the Crash of 2029 struck and destroyed the Computer industy. Since then the district hasn’t recovered in any way.

The only part of Redmond, which isn’t completely a slum is known as Touristville. In this area lots of bars, clubs and discos, controlled by Mafia, Yakuza and the Seoulpa Rings try to extract money from people, which come there, looking for cheap amusement like gambling, prostitution, drugs, chips and alcohol.

Redmond is also known for its notorious gang fights and violence, scaring many away from the area.

Renowned Gangs of Redmond are the Red Hot Nukes (dwarfs), the Rusted Stilettos (merely orks and trolls), the 162s (ghouls) and the Brain Eaters. Other gangs in the Redmond Barrens are the Spiders – known for their fanatical hatred of Insect Spirits – and the Crimson Crush-gang that calls the area east of Touristville around 228th Avenue their home turf.


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