Hisoka "The Judge" Ito

Age: 21 Sex: Female Nuyen: 40 Lifestyle: Low
Current Karma: 12 Street Cred: 1 Notoriety: 2 Public Awareness: 0
Total Karma: 23
Body: 3 Charisma: 4 Edge:1
Agility: 2 Intuition: 3 Essence: 6
Reaction: 2 Logic: 3 Initiative: 5
Strength: 3 Willpower: 4 Magic/Resonance: 4
Init Passes: 1
Active Skills Knowledge Skills (Logic)
Blades: 1 (Agil) Seattle Gangs: 2
Etiquette: 1 (Char) Seattle Rehab Centers: 3
Assensing: 2 (Intu) Seattle Hospitals: 3
Banishing: 3 (Magic) Seattle Safe Houses: 2
Binding: 2 (Magic) Seattle Talismongers: 3
Counterspelling: 4 (Magic) Seattle Shinto Temples: 4
Spellcasting: 3 (Magic) Magical Theory: 3
Summoning: 4 (Magic) Tea Ceremonies: 4
Pilot Ground Vehicle: 1 ( React) Japanese: N
Astral Perception: 5 English: N
Blank for now Parazoology: 1
+ Magician - Gremlins (rank 2)
+ Bilingual - Dependent (rank 1) (Younger sister)
+ Mentor Spirit (Wise Warrior) - Mild Plastic Allergy
Contacts: Loyality: Conn:
Providence Cromwell (Talismonger) 5 4
Patricia Arrowsmith: aka Jet (Street Doc for Awakened) 5 5
Tom Grissom (Beat Cop) 3 3
Group Contact: Legion Gang 3 (local 4) 4

Tradition: Shinto. Willpower + Charisma for drain checks.

Mentor Spirit: Wise Warrior. +2d Combat spells, +2d Detection spells, -1d if act dishonorably.

Spell Type Range Duration Drain Value Talismon
Manabolt +2d M LOS Instant F/2 No
Lightning Bolt +2d P LOS Instant F/2+1 Yes
Ext Detect Enemies +2d M 40xForce Sustained F/2+1 Yes
Ext Detect Magic +2d M 40xForce Sustained F/2 +2 No
Chaotic World P LOS Sustained F/2+1 Yes
Improved Invisibility P LOS Sustained F/2 +1 No
Stealth P LOS Sustained F/2 +1 No
Heal M Touch Permanent Damage value – 4 Yes

Range is in meters.

Gear: Pathfinder, Armored Jacket, Commlink Renkaru Sensei, Forearm Snap Blades, Monofilament Sword, Optical Binoculars, Sustaining Focus Force 2, Spirit Summoning Materials Force 4, Spirit Binding Materials Force 6, Data Soft Rank 6 Fire Elementals (+2d to checks), Data Soft Rank 6 Para-animals of the Greater Seattle Area (+2d to checks), bike helmet, Tag Eraser, EMP gernade, Magical Lodge Force 4, Rank 6 Med Kit, Survival Knife, Rank 4 Fake SIN, Data Chip.

Lives in apartment complex in Redmond.

Fake SIN Identiy: Rank 4 SIN. Michiru Mizuno, Tea House Worker. Registered Mage.



Standing at 3’2”, she’s small even for a dwarf. Slender but strong, she has the usual features of Asian descent: pale alabaster-like skin, almond-shaped eyes of a honey/amber color, and jet black hair down to her waist. At first glance you might think her a child or almost a doll until you see the intelligence in her gaze and the soft lines of an adult figure.

How she’s dressed…. well that will depend on the day. If you catch her hanging out with her brothers and sisters of the Legion she’ll most likely be in casual street clothes. Jeans. Tennis shoes. Button down shirt. The long ebony hair might be loose or up in a twist secured with a hair stick. Her gang colors will be on display, usually under a light coat that doubles as her armor when things get rough.

If you find her on a day when she’s helping her grandfather at the small family Shinto temple in Redmond, she’ll be in full priestess clothing. Errands, chores, meditations, ceremonies… anything is fair game once Grandfather decides Hisoka will be working at the temple that day.

Or, you might walk into the Ito family tea house in southern Redmond and see her performing tea ceremonies in a full kimono, her hair expertly styled and traditionally worn with make-up to complete the picture. Hisoka’s aunt and uncle run the tea house and she has been trained in multiple tea ceremonies and customs.

Wherever you find her, you’ll be struck by her stillness. She quietly observes everything around her. She has a pleasant voice and seems instantly likeable.

Unlike most people, she seems to have a minimal amount of mechanical and electronic gear or equipment. She doesn’t carry a gun, which is odd for a gang member. You’d swear she learned to ride a motorcyle out of necessity and not desire. It’s not unusual for her to start cursing in Japanese or English when her bike mysteriously won’t start or her commlink randomly blares opera or changes languages repeatedly. You’ve even seen her order a beer at a food machine and get cold oatmeal. She calls them her “Kami”, or spirits, who play tricks on her through machines. The gang members just roll their eyes and say her gremlins are at it again.


The Ito family has been in Seattle for several generations, long before metatypes began to emerge. Hisoka’s great-grandfather started a Shinto temple in Redmond about 70 years ago. It’s a smaller temple and doesn’t have the weathly patrons or public spotlights of some of the larger temples in town, but it’s popular with the locals and has kept the Itos fed and housed.

You could say the Ito family has grown, just not in height. When the metatypes became to emerge, Hisoka’s family started having shorter and shorter kids. Her grandfather was one of the first to be born a dwarf, with the trait seeming to run very steady in the family. Dwarves run on Hisoka’s mother’s side as well, so it wasn’t suprising for Hisoka and her brother and 3 sisters to all be dwarves.

Magic also seems to run in the family. A few in each generation develop abilities. When Hisoka was 10 and set her brother’s hair on fire, she was put under the tutalege of her grandfather, a magician himself, to be trained before she blew up the house!

The Itos have been friends and customers of the Cromwell family for over 50 years. They run a magic shop and have done so since before magic came back into the world. Providence, the youngest Cromwell, is a good friend of Hisoka’s and keeps her informed of all things magical.

Her street doc, Patricia, called Jet for a stone necklace she always wears, is a good friend. They met back in the early days of school and have remained close. Hisoka stayed more with the service side of things, helping out at the tea house and the temple, while Jet’s interests went towards science and medicine in particular. Jet’s in the know when it comes to street medicine as well anything that is happened to awakened in terms of health. She has a young daughter named Andrea.

Tom Grissom is a beat cop Hisoka met in the Downtown district. He had cut her sister Megumi some slack after being caught drinking underage. She runs into him more than she would like, usually because her sister has done something stupid and needs bailing out again.

Hisoka "The Judge" Ito

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