Dustin's gun-freak..

Body: 3 Charisma: 2 Edge: 3
Agility: 4 (6) Intuition: 3 Essence: 2.22
Reaction: 4 (5) Logic: 3
Strength: 2 (4) Willpower: 2
Active Skills Knowledge Skills
Dodge: 4 (Ranged) Current Events: 2
[Firearms]: 4 Street Rumors: 2
Auto Mechanic: 2 (Wheeled) Underworld Politics: 2
Navigation: 1 Border Patrol Tactics: 3
Armorer: 3 (Firearms) Smuggling Routes: 4
Perception: 1 Smuggling: 4
Pilot Ground: 3 (Wheeled) Seattle Street Gangs: 2
Hardware: 2 Seattle Politics: 2
Blades: 2 (Swords) Organized Crime: 2
Artisan: 1 (Grips) _
Heavy Weapons: 2 _
Common Sense Mild Addiction: Psyche
Black Market Pipeline Incompetent: Chemistry
_ Dependent: Live-in GF
_ Day Job
_ In-debt ($?)
Contacts Con Loy
Jet (Street Doc) 3 5
Lance (???) 2 6
Franky (Bookie) 2 1
Ecks (Arms Dealer) 3 3

Gear: Gaz P-179, Ingram SmartGun X, AK-97, HK-227 X, Morrissey Elan, Enfield AS-7, Remington 950, Ceramic Knife, Monofilament Sword, ArmTech MGL-6, Ruger Super Warhawk


Chance is a step above most gangers in the smarts department. It’s his technical know how that has led him to cobble together a small black market mod shop in Redmond. He lives in his shop with his long time girlfriend/assistant Uno. Ok, she’s not really his assistant, but she does bring him cold beer, though she is a decent hacker in her own right, if a little lazy. Chance makes some cred here and there from doing mods, but that is all usually spent even quicker, either on his own gear or at his bookie Franky, to whom he owes a considerable sum. Franky isn’t about to start collecting kneecaps though, because he knows Chance is smart enough to get the money eventually, but foolish enough to keep betting. Another friend of Chance’s is Mickey a firefighter from Auburn who has been kept safe more than a few times in the line of duty thanks to some modding of his gear. Though most of his work and income come from an arms dealer named Ecks, who occasionally has Chance ‘clean’ guns or smuggle them to drop points in the Seattle area.

Chance has lived in Redmond for as long as he can remember, born SINless to parents who either left or died before he was old enough to remember them. He has no idea who his parents were or where they are, and doesn’t really care too much about it either. He grew up on the streets of Redmond, learning to stay one step ahead of everyone else in order to survive. Until recently he had always considered the idea of being in a street gang beneath him, he was better than all those dumb thugs who killed each other wholesale based purely on what metatype fate dealt them. It all seemed pretty stupid to hate someone enough to kill them and risk your own life doing so, over something that neither of you even had a choice in. It’s not like they were cops, who made the choice to be assholes who tried tear down and take away what he had worked so hard to achieve. Fucking cops. It wasn’t until after Chance had done some work on a few vehicles for Shuffle from the Legion gang, that he got recruited in. It made some sense, by recruiting from all the metatypes and using gang violence and such in smart coordinated manners instead of the mindless hate crimes of the other gangs, they could actually accomplish something. What that is? Who knows.


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