Supply sergeant of Legion


In his mid 40’s he is currently the oldest human members of the gang. With his shoulder-length greasy black and gray hair it is hard to believe he used to be in the UCAS army… but given half the chance he will regale you with stories of his exploits over a drink or three. Having lost both his legs in combat he has two very large, if not somewhat noisy, cyberlegs stamped with UCAS a UCAS logo and various other markings that he is nearly always willing to talk about.

Outdated is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when you look at him, his gear, and his clothes. Other than his gang colors he tends to dress is clothes that must date back to the 2050’s. His enormous “hand”-held comlink looks more like something out from under the hood of a car than anything that would resemble a comlink by 2070 standards. Oh, and trying to look past the arsenal of guns and ammo strapped to his body is an effort in futility.

When he does ride with the gang, which is more and more rare these days, he can normally be found on an enormous custom restored 2019 Harley Davidson chopper (yes, before the merger.)


Shuffle is one of the founding members, and second in command, of the Seattle chapter of Legion. When special equipment or information is needed… this is your man.

His resources do reach fairly deep when looking for arms and standard equipment, but his stock of higher end gear, especially matrix or magical toys, leaves quite a bit of room for improvement. Comment cards are neither expected or welcome.


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