Shadowrun - Team Lambda

The Distraction

Another Friday out at the bar, watching Chance losing money on the fights. We’re out at our usual haunt, and Shuffle has a job for us. He introduces us to his friend Biscuit, a gentle giant of a troll if you will, who was our inside contact in the Stiletto job a while back. We’re always up to make some quick cred, so we bite. Shuffle has us meet up at his warehouse to call Lance, who might be our latest employer.

The job seems fairly straightforward: take these explosives and use them on this construction plant not too far away from Fed-Boeing. The bombs must go off at 4:30 PM on Tuesday. And while we’re at it, we’re supposed to set up cameras to record any response. The money’s not bad, and we get to keep any leftover equipment. Lance is, in fact, our new employer. We’re pretty sure he happens to be a shadowrunner.

The equipment more or less confirms that suspicion. Military grade explosives with anti-tamper blasting caps on timer and command detonation. A full set of trideo cameras plus a crate of miniaturized cameras to watch the show. After dark, we’re going to check the place out.

The objective is a pretty nondescript place. Some assembly buildings, a couple of office stacks, and a guard shack make up the main buildings in the complex. The fence around the place doesn’t look like anything special. We send in the Judge on astral overwatch before Raven goes in with Ice’s new toy, a fly sized bot set up for recon. Turns out they’re using a pair of big mojo fire elementals as their smelter, and there’s at least one magic type in the security building. One of the office buildings is magically shielded, so that’s a no go. There’s a good sized power transformer next to it, and a fueling station near the loading docks that will go up like fireworks.

It all seems pretty straightforward. So, late on Monday night Raven, the only man who knows how to use the explosives, takes out the alarm on a section of fence with Ice’s help. The Judge goes astral to keep an eye on things while Raven makes his way to the transformer building to place his first charges. He decides to plant 2 out of the 15 sticks of plastic on the roof of the building and then makes his way to the fueling station. All seems well until the Judge makes a round by the security building and sees a group emerge with 2 huge dogs that are visable both astrally and normally. The hounds spot her and start making noise.

Sure she’s been spotted, she makes haste to Raven who has just finished placing 3 more sticks on the fueling station. “We gotta go, I think I’ve been spotted.” Raven agrees and makes a bee line for the nearest fence. The Judge goes back to check on the progess of dogs and the humans from security and sees them now running towards Raven’s last location.

Using his monofilament sword to cut a hole in the fence, Raven charges toward the truck and the waiting team to make their getaway. The Judge rejoins Ice and Chance in the truck where her body is and watches in horror as the dogs, who have charged ahead of their human counterparts, attack Raven.

A fire fight breaks out as Raven tries to defend himself with his sword, having no time to draw his guns, and Chance and Ice take aim at the dogs from the truck. The Judge throws all she’s got at the dogs with magic as well. When the dust settles, the dogs are toast, finished off by some well placed shots of Chance. They see Raven immobile in the grass, conscious but very badily injuried.

Gathering him into the truck, the team takes off likes bats out of hell as the sound of human security is heard closing in. Between a med kit and some magical medicine, Raven is patched up quite well. Realizing that the Judge is glowing like a beacon on the astral plane to anyone who thinks to look after casting such strong magic, they decide to spend the rest of the night hiding out in the same shack they found in Glowcity weeks before. The area will mask the Judge’s signature, allowing them to go unnoticed until her aura returns to a more normal state.

The time in the hut allows Raven to get back most of his strength as the group tries to figure out what to do. They still have 10 sticks of the plastic. Going back into the complex is out as the job has to be done by 4:30pm that day and it’s now daylight. They have to assume the worse and figure the explosives they planted were found. Hopefully they blew up in the faces of the people who tried to remove them….

The solution they choose seems simple; if they can’t go back through the fence they’ll go over it. They pool their money (a little of their own and the advance given to them by mysterious Lance of Fantasm) to buy two flying drones. They load them up with 5 sticks of explosives on each and hide out in the woods behind the manufacturing plant.

At 4:25pm, the Judge casts a strong Chaotic World at the entrance of the security building to distract them from the drones. At 4:30pm Ice guides the first of the two drones into the security building, making a direct hit. The second drone is a little off course and hits the corner of the building.

The big surprise is when at 4:30 news comes down the wire that there are 15 explositions going off all over the industrial complex at the same time. Obviously the team was not the only distraction Lance had arranged.

Raven and the Judge head out back to base first, seperately. The Judge takes the long way back to encounter as few people as possible as she’s showing signs of overcasting. Ice and Chance stick around to record all the response and recover the master copy of the images.

They all meet up back at Shuffle’s place to make their final call to Lance to collect the last of their fee. Lance seems satisfied by their work. It seems they may have a future employer if he needs them again. The Judge goes in search of new spells to help with future infiltrations, as well as information on para creatures, to better understand those hounds they encountered.

Research into the drugs they had recovered (both private and what Shuffle had learned), tells them that the drugs on the market now to give people astral sight are called Tempo. They are so new they are not even being regulated. This is not the same thing as the powder they recovered.

The blue powder is known as Fuze. This is a combination of all three and is highly dangerous by itself. It is cut before it is used.

Mixing the blue and the red gives you Purple Haze. This has a very bad effect on magic users as it makes them want to do blood magic.

Mixing the blue and the yellow gives you Rolling Hills. This is a more mellow verison of the drug.

A usable verizon of Fuze is fuze.

We called them K5 BTLs. (not sure about this one, need someone to clarify).


Rexell Hathornoss

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