Shadowrun - Team Lambda

I Want A New Drug

It was a Friday night like any other… synthahol, soy pretzels, and a familiar hole in the wall to hang out with some of the brothers and sisters in the gang. Soon it would be time to go out to the alley and bet on a few fights as new gangers looking to prove themselves would beat each other until one stopped moving…

However, unlike most other Friday nights the beep, chirp, hum, and ring of every Comlink at the table all come to life at once and sing a macabre little tune. Seeing that the call is coming from Shuffle the group all pick up quickly in hopes that there might be some money to be made. After exchanging pleasantries, everyone is out the door in short order and heading to the Legion warehouse.

Survival of the fittest is the name of the game in Redmond, and Legion has been doing pretty well for the last few weeks… the Rusted Stilettos on the other hand haven’t been so fortunate. Having lost a lot of members due to drug and BTL abuse combined with open warfare with the Troll Killers the Rusted Stilettos member list has been on a quick decline.

The job was simple: “Kick em while they’re down,” said Shuffle. A snitch embedded deep in the Rusted Stiletto had news of a last ditch effort to bring the gang back in to the limelight in the form of a huge BTL shipment due in VERY soon. Ideally the team was to intercept the shipment and bring it back to the Legion warehouse for evaluation and possible redistribution… based on the content of the BTLs.

It didn’t take much to figure out that if these chips were due to start hitting the streets on Monday that the shipment would have to be in VERY soon. Setting themselves up in a building near the current Rusted Stiletto HQ the team was able to perform visual, audio, astral, and matrix surveliance on their targets. Within a few hours a few bits of information came across a comlink being monitored by the team’s hacker indicating that a shipment was due in at Dock 13 at 0200. Time was short.

Staying a safe distance away from the drop location Raven was able to observe the hand off of a briefcase in exchange for a small metal box and a large wooden crate. The crate was loaded in to a black GMC bulldog by two orc gangers while the small metal box was handed over to a very well dressed human who drove away in a pristine 2072 Eclipse. A little astral inspection showed the crate to be radiating magical energy with no sign of a spirit or mage in sight.

It was strange enough for a very well dressed human to be hanging out with a gang primarily made up of orcs and trolls… but the biggest concern was the crate that was undoubtibly headed for the Stiletto’s distro center. Everything seemed to be going well until the van was able to drive straight through a checkpoint without stopping while the 2 Legionnaires on bikes had to stop for a full inspection. When they did get back on the road the bike’s sensor system went on the fritz and the van was completely lost.

After a while the group reunited and converged on where the guy with the smaller box had gone (as led there by the friendly Air Elemental.) Unfortunately the place he had gone was the Stiletto’s original HQ in glow city. After having the elemental do some quick recon it was determined that starting a fight here wasn’t the right move at this time. Notes were taken and the team headed out to the Stiletto facility in Redmond.

They were able to determine that the crate had been brought up to the warded area on the 3rd floor of the building. With indiciations that a large celebration party was in the works the party bided their time… waiting quietly in their safe position a few hundred meters away. Then when the time was right the plan sprung in to action.

Chance pulled his truck up, grabbed the hook of his winch, put it behind his back and began walking towards the stiletto watching the front door. Luckily the doorman was too high/bored/distracted to see Chance approaching, when Chance was upon him he quickly clipped his winch onto the ganger’s belt and sent a command to his truck to drive in reverse. The ganger was flung to ground and pulled helplessly down the street, kicking and screaming as Chance and Ice slipped into the nearby alley. The Judge then cast a chaotic world spell in the area of the door, as two more stilettos emerged high/distracted/confused/spellified to see what exactly was happening to their friend. In their current state they had no clue what was happening, so they stumbled down the street after their friend. That’s when Chance and Ice went to the door, guns blazing, in a small firefight against 4 more stilettos inside, as Raven repelled down from his perch on a neary building and the Judge made her way towards the door as well.

Once the four gangers were dispatched the Legionnaires moved inside and made their way to the stairwell. At the second floor landing Raven stuck a fiberscope under the door to do some recon, only for the little scope to be noticed by a mean looking stiletto with a meaner looking shotgun. As he approached the door to check it out, Raven prepared to kick the door hopefully smashing the guy in the face. A moment later Raven realized the door opened toward himself and that his plan had a fatal flaw. (I’m a little sketchy on this part) He then opened the door hoping to surprise him with a shot from his pistol instead, but the stiletto was on his toes. Meanwhile Chance raced past the shotgun toting stiletto and Raven to cover the 3rd floor door in case reinforcements came. (that’s all I remember from floor 2, I think I went afk for some of it>) (Will post more later)

The stiletto took a shot at Raven with his shotgun but luckily missed, spraying the wall and door. The Judge ducked in next to Raven and became throwing Manabolts at the stiletto as Ice moved to join Chance further up the stairs. An alarm began to blast away in the building. Ice hacked into the (commlink or something) and was able to give the “All Clear” sign to shut off the alarm, but it was only a temporary fix as she could not permanently disable it.

Raven was able to get a shot off into the stiletto, only for the gangers to have another surprise. As Chance took up a position near the 3rd floor door, a Lightning Bolt came crashing through the door and struck him! <did> Realizing they had magical opposition, the Judge threw one last Manabolt at the shot gun stiletto and hurried up the stairs. As the Judge ran, Raven finished off the stiletto.

A fire fight ensued, magic on one side and bullets on the other. Raven and the Judge joined Ice and Chance on the 3rd floor landing as things heated up. The Judge gave what counterspelling protection she could to the team as she threw Manabolts. The strange thing about the mages was that they were overcasting so severely they were causing themselves massive physical damage.

Finishing off the mage standing at the stairwell door, the group split up and when to the two doors of the room they had scouted earlier with the mana wards and guardian spirits. Again they were attacked by overcasting mages at each door. A look into the room relieved a strange sight. Several stilletos where gathered around a woman, or what appeared to be a woman, chained to a raised dias in the center of the room. She was dressed in leather, like a dominatrix outfit. The gangers were all swaying back and forth in ectasy, high on something. They appeared oblivious the presence of the outsiders.

As the group of Legion members moved into the room, the closest stilletos “woke up”, and began attacking. The woman in the center also began to use magic on the group. The Judge decided this strange woman seemed the biggest threat, so she concentrated her attacks on her. Well placed gun fire and magic teamwork came through and the team finished off the crazed woman. Once the room was cleared and they could catch their breath, the Judge was able to think back on how the stilletos using the magic looked wrong for normal mages. They didn’t feel right. The woman in the center was a caster, but the others were different.

Raven examined the raised center area, and used his sequencer to open the comparments. Drawers opened up to reveal powder in 3 different colors: red, yellow and blue. Figuring this was some new drug the Stilletos were using, the Legion members emptied their medkits for containers and collected as much as they could of hte strange powder, being careful not to mix the colors. They made a note to themselves to always carry plastic baggies from now on.

The alarm began to blast again, as it had been on and off for the last few minutes. Knowing there were 20 more floors of potential gangers above them, the team made a dash for the ground floor.

A quick fire fight ensued as they raced downstairs and through the lobby to their vehicles, Raven and the Judge on bikes as Ice jumped into Chance’s truck he’d called back from down the road.

After escaping the Stilleto building, but before returning to Shuffle, they put aside what would be about 10 doses (or so they surmissed) of each color of powder for their own research or possible financal gain, and took the rest back to headquarters.

Puzzled by the description of the fight and nonmages throwing magic, Shuffle accepted the drugs. He told the group that the well-dressed man they had left in Glow City had had a master BTL chip and had been mass-producing more in the underground area of the hidout. He had escaped, leaving only a few defective BTL chips behind. Disappointed in the loss of the master BTL chip, he paid the team the agreed amount in exchange for the drugs they had recovered. Ice took a few of the defective chips to analyse herself.

Realizing they had dropped the ball by losing the mystery man and the box with the master BTL chip took away some of the excitement of surviving their assault on the Stilletos.


Rexell Hathornoss

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