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A Flying Purple People... Healer???

Adventure for 8 and 15 Nov

(Before the events at the clinic but after the last adventure…)

Chance volunteered to go back to the industrial district to recover the cameras they had received from Lance to be sold or kept or whatnot. Several minutes from the sight he was pulled over by security from MCT. They said he was on their properity (which was strange). Chance said he was off to pick up some broken machines at a casino down the road and had gotten lost. They searched his truck, but luckily it was empty (even the smuggling compartments). They released him, escorting him out of their “property” back to the highway. He continued to the casino, and checked his truck. He has been sprayed with a mist and was covered with ID tags everywhere, as was his truck.

He sent a brief message back to the group saying the cameras were a no go, and then spent several hours erasing all the tags on him and his truck before returning to the rest of the gang.

(On to the main adventure…..)

On what started off as a normal day, the Hisoka “The Judge” Ito had decided to go to lunch with her long time friend and street doc, Jet. They got together whenever they could, at least once a week. They had left Jet’s young daughter Andrea at her clinic.

Walking back to the clinic the aroma of smoke reached them as flames came into view. Realizing it was coming from the clinic, the pair charged foward, Jet drawing her gun and the Judge her knive. Sending a quick message to the other members her team, she followed the doc into the burning building.

They were greeted by a scene of smoke and carnage. Bodies were everywhere with no sign of Andrea. Through the smoke they saw a large orc. He looked to be high on something and extremely mad. A poor lab technican got too close while trying to get to an injuried person on the ground and was rewarded by having his head ripped off in one stroke!

Realizing it was either them or the orc, the pair opened fire, Jet with her gun and the Judge with manabolts. The orc didn’t seem to notice the damage he was taking and strode towards the pair. He connected with both the doc and the Judge before they could get another hit into him. One more solid hit to the Judge, combined with the damage she’d taken overcasting, knocked her out. Jet was knocked out next.

Within a few minutes Chance was the first to arrive at the clinic. As he pulled up a DocWagon vehicle was pulling away from the clinic. As Ice and Corben “Raven” McCullogh joined him, they searched the clinic. Dead bodies were everywhere including a headless one. In the back room they found the Judge, Jet and a few others all hooked up to machines that worked on repairing injuries. Everyone was unconscious and couldn’t tell them anything.

Raven went into the alley behind the clinic as Ice hacked her way into the security cameras of the shop. The clinic only had 2 cameras, one showing the outside entrance and one showing the door to the pharmacy in the back. The footage revealed two orcs breaking into the pharmacy and leaving with arm-fulls of drugs. The footage from the front showed the DocWagon arrive and a group of people enter, and then showed it leaving. Who or what was in the DocWagon when it left was unknown.

Raven thought he detected signs of motorcycles or something having been parked in the alley behind the clinic, but he wasn’t sure how many. Ice hacked into the store camera of the shop across the street from the clinic to get it’s footage of the front of the store. She monitered an alert on the waveleaves about a fire or break-in at a local med clinic and realized they were about to have a lot of company. Deciding it was best if they weren’t arrested for something they didn’t do, they left the Judge to the care of the machines as she didn’t look like she was in any condition to be moved.

Waking up sometime later to a police medic standing over her, the Judge immediately tried to sit up and regretted it. She asked where Jet and Andrea were. The medic explained that Jet was hooked up to another machine on the next table, but there was no sign of any children in the remains of the clinic. Jet was still out, so the Judge allowed herself to fall back into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile the team studied the footage of the store across the street. They could see medics carrying out two stretchers. A few hours of enhancement work by Ice allowed them to see one stretcher had a little girl on it (dead or alive they couldn’t tell), and the other stretcher had filled body bags and a head. All these were loaded into the vehicle that Chance saw pulling away from the clinic.

Chance was able to provide a partial license plate number for the wagon, but they had no idea where it was heading. It also seemed strange since they had hooked up all the survivors to machines but had taken the little girl (who didn’t have a DocWagon contract) along with some bodies and a head.

The Judge awoke again and was able to speak to Jet. Considering everything that had happened (the clinic being attacked and set on fire and being almost killed by a crazed orc high on something), the Judge thought she took the news of her daugther missing rather well (she only went slightly hysterical).

Finding a private spot to contact the group, Hisoka got the run down of what little info the team had. Leaving Jet in the hands of the medics (with the assurance someone would stay there to keep an eye on things) she rejoined the group back up in Redmond.

Moniteering the airwaves provided Ice with a news story of a DocWagon being attacked not too far from the clinic. Further into the story they realized the partial number from Chance matched the number on the wagon in question. It had been attacked, all the medics killed and everything and everyone it was carrying taken away.

Not sure what to do, the group went back to the clinic which was now void of police. They recheched the alley and found discarded boxes of drugs. A quick search online revealed these were drugs used to help people get clean from addictions to drugs or BTLs. They checked with Jet who promised to check her inventory and ask other doctors she knew if they were missing anything. She couldn’t think of anyone the clinic had seen lately that might want to come back and do damage. She hadn’t been offered “protection” for a fee from any of the towns gangs, particuarlly the Rusted Stilettos.

She identified the headless body as that of one of her lab technicans, Jerermy Jones. It was his commlink that had hacked into the security system at the clinic to mess with the footage that Ice had recovered. Jet couldn’t think of any trouble he could be in either. The team decided to visit the new widow and ask her about any problems he might have been having.

A less than informative meeting with the widow followed, through the door as she refused to let them in, and the team headed back to clinic. Frustrated, they gave Jet an update on their progress, or lack thereof, in finding her daughter.

Looking much worse than she should have after the machine had worked on her, the Judge had Jet scan herself on one the machines in the clinic. An alarm went off! Jet turned white, muttered that it couldn’t be correct and that she just needed to go home. Confused, Ice copied the readout of the scanner and did a basic search on medical terminology. She didn’t know what it meant, but the term quarantine came up. Concerned, the Judge followed Jet home and camped out on her doorstep.

Sending the data to the gang doctor Salve, he said he couldn’t be sure but it seemed to be some artificial form of a virus to cause S.U.R.G.E. (or Sudden Unexplained Rapid Genetic Expression). Hence, it wasn’t so much a disease as a virus to cause the expression of a mutation that would have expressed itself at some point naturally in the individual’s lifetime.

The Judge convinced Jet to let her inside and realized that she was in immense pain. Purple feather were starting to appear at the purple bruise on her arm that had made the Judge want a scan in the first place. Realizing the police might be looking for her friend (as the quarantine alert would have been detected), the Judge conviced Jet to come crash at her place until they had a better idea of what was happening. At least that way she would be off the grid and would have someone there to help with the pain meds.

A blood sample from Jet was sent to Salve as the Judge settled her friend in back at her apartment. A little more research by Salve and Ice (who got a medical book), said that the transformation from the SURGE would take about 48 hours, all of which would be extruciatingly painful. It seemed that meta-humans weren’t as susceptable as regular humans to catching the virus (as they already had had a major mutation). It wasn’t an absolute thing though.

To prevent possibly spreading the virus to others (knowing she had been in contact with Jet from the start), the Judge stayed put at her place with Raven keeping watch from the roof of the apartment complex.

Salve’s tests would let them know how long Jet would be contagious. He suspected that once the transformation was complete she would no longer pose a threat to anyone, but he couldn’t be sure.

The team suspected that the strange orc the Judge had described might have been infected with this virus as his body was not in the clinic after the DocWagon had left. He had been bleeding with he attacked the Judge and Jet, possibly transfering the virus to the doctor.

Later that night the police came to Jet’s house, only to be killed when the house exploded. This further added to the mystery surrounding everything.

Wondering what the hell they had gotten themselves into, the team could only watch and wait. They had hit a deadend tracking down Andrea, and the Judge was stuck at home until she knew if it was safe to rejoin her teammates. As the transformation continued, the feathers began to spread outward from the bruise on her arm, and Jet’s skin turned purple.

Out of the blue Chance received a call from a familiar face. Lance had heard that the group was in trouble. A price of 10,000 nuyen was out on the Judge’s fake SIN. It was posted by some megacorp, but they didn’t know who. Lance offered Chance an opportunity to get the heat from the megacorp off their backs and to help him and his team out in return.

He wanted the team to take out someone for him. His team would provide a distraction (choppers, droids, all sorts of things) while the Legion team would go in for the kill. It would take place at 3 p.m. on Tuesday. The team would be paid 8,000 nuyen each. He also provided Chance with the location of the DocWagon facility that had Andrea (whom Lance believed to be still alive and being held in the basement). He would contact Chance again with the details in several hours. He apparrently had some leverage that would allow him to get the megacorp to back off and leave the Legion team alone.

Realizing they might be getting in over their heads (With the resources Lance obviously had, why didn’t he do it himself….), Ice and Chance headed over to Shuffle’s place to fess up to all that had been going on. It seemed a little bit too convientent that Lance would call up and tell them all this info about Andrea as well as the job.

Shuffle revealed that he had been in the service with Lance several years prior. While Lance could be trusted to follow through with a contract he had agreed to, it seemed extremely strange he would ask another group to do the dirty work for him when his team was known for getting the job done. Shuffle didn’t particularlly trust Lance either. He said that Biscuit and a few other people would be available to help and that he’d tell Salve to step on those blood tests. He asked the team to ask him for any help they needed. A quick check showed that the entire team had prices on their heads for their Fake SIMs (5,000 for Chance, Raven and Ice, the 10,000 for the Judge, and a 20,000 nuyen price tag on the street doc’s head).

While they waited to hear back from Lance and Salve, the team tried to do some brainstorming on how to get Andrea out of the DocWagon place. They called Biscuit, who said okay in his own way, and the number of another gang member who had come back from undercover work with the Ragers. He was an orc, and as such was no longer safe undercover as the Ragers had merged with the Rusted Stilletos and were attaching orcs. His name was Rainov, and he was very large and strong and raring to go.

At the appointed time, Lance sent Chance several encripted messages with the details of the job. A little work by Ice and they had the name of the person they were taking out. He was the a vice CEO of a corp that handled all the public communications not run by individual megacorps! Someone was also to pick up a package at the train station at 7 pm the next day.

The team decided taking out a high ranking member of a communications company might not be conducive to sticking around town to save a little girl afterwards. So, plans to get Andrea out were stepped up. Lance had provided them with blueprints for the facility, but the entire complex was surrounded by a fence and mana warded (from a scoutting mission of the Judge).

Raven did some thinking and suggested the best way to get in and out with the least amount of attention would be to have a hacked ID to let them into the building. Their infiltration skills were not up to the job without one. Ice contacted her all-things-hacker guy and told him what they needed and that they needed it very soon. He said he could do it, but it would cost them 10,000 nuyen up front.

Relaying the info to the Judge, Ice asked if maybe Jet could cover it. Hisako managed to get her friend to tell her the location and combo to her clinic safe that had the 10,000 nuyen in credit sticks from patients who didn’t want to use a commlink. Hisako called Shuffle and told him they could get the money, but someone else needed to go and get it as the team should not be going out. He said he’d front them the money and they could get the cred sticks when things had cooled down a bit.

A few quick transfers of nuyen, and Ice sent the money to her contact. He told them in 2 hours he would have the beacon needed to get the hacked ID, but they would have to plant it within 40 meters (not sure on this) of the building, and if they knew their path it would help. It would have to remain in place while they made the rescue.

Using magic to make herself invisible to sneack into the truck, (and hoping that she wasn’t contangious herself) the Judge and Chance and Rainov all went down to the DocWagon facility. The Judge cast Stealth to cover any sounds and Improved Invisibility on Rainov so he could bury the beacon near the outer wall of the facility without being detected. All went well, and they returned to base to plan the rescue for the following day at 5pm, shortly before they had to pick up the package from Lance.

Ice bought herself a doctor’s lab coat to complete the con and the team headed out the next evening in Chance’s truck. He parked the truck with the back pulled up to the entrance to the service dock at the back of the facility. The plan was to slip in, go down the service elevator into the basement, get Andrea, and come back out. They walked into the service dock and realized there were 2 men working on an ambulance.

Worried the price on her fake SIN would give the team away, the Judge stayed in the truck with Chance while Ice, Raven, and Rainov all went inside. Raven’s fake SIN showed him as a sercurity consultant and Rainov’s had him as an electrician. Supposedly Ice was showing them into the building as some problems had been reported.

They got past the two guys outside only to find two more doctors working on an autopsy in the main room of the basement which served as the morge. Three storage rooms were on one wall with the corners office at the back. Ice said she was showing the other two around. The doctors seemed a little suspicious, but told them okay and not to go into the office in the corner. They quickly went into a storage room to figure out their next move.

While Rainov pretended to check the wiring, Ice used her clearance to make the lights flicker to add to their story. They knew they needed to drop the the two doctors quickly, but how? Raven’s knowledge of chemistry came through. Looking at the contents of the storage room, he figured out a mixture to make a knock-out gas. Ice emerged from the storage room yelling about shoddy storage preceedures and how dangerous it was to store A and B together…. Oops! I threw/dropped them at your feet!

As the gas erupted from the mixed chemicals, Ice caught the edge of it and quickly backed again, coughing hard. The other two played along with the “accident”. One doctor collasped from the fumes but the other one headed towards the door to the stairs. An alert was the last thing they needed. Raven quickly drew his weapon and shot the doctor to prevent the alarm from being set off.

Ice sat down to allow herself to go into Cold Sim, so she could moniter the alarms and information in the building. She locked the doors to the basement, but knew it wouldn’t be enough. She locked down the elevator as well. Raven and Rainov prepared themselves for anything and opened the door to the office, standing to either side. A spray of bullets came flying out at Raven, as the two guards in the room had been ready for an attack. A large crate with holes in it dominated the center of the room. Presumabely Andrea was in the crate, which one of the guards was using for cover, while the other was at the large desk.

A firefight broke out between the guards and Rainov and Raven. Ice sent a message to Chance and the Judge in the truck. Decided she had been sitting around long enough, the Judge threw open the door to the loading bay and jumped aside. Only one man was still present, but all the alarms going off had rattled him and he fired at the door.

Chance didn’t take kindly to someone firing at his truck, so he opened up with his AK-97. The long gunman was toast in a moment, clearing the way for the team’s retreat.

In what seemed forever, Raven and Rainov managed to drop the two guards. A stray bullet from Raven’s gun missed its target and when through the crate, injuring Andrea. Wasting no time, they rushed to open the locks on the crate, knowing a herd of guards and who knew what else was charging down the stair. Ice was standing by to set off a Complete Lock Down of the facility. It would keep the people from reaching them in the basement, but it would make it very difficult for them to escape as well.

By the time they got the crate open, Andrea was bleeding profusely and unconscious. Rainov gathered her up and rushed back to the elevator while Raven picked up Ice and followed. Ice was able to get the elevator going to get them upstairs.

Hurrying past the mess in the loading bay, the Judge cast a healing spell on Andrea and the team loaded up and rushed out of the facility. Ice hacked open the gate and then set off the Complete Lock Down at the last moment. It would prevent them from being following for at least a little while.

It was a good bet that little Andrea, who now had 4 arms and seemed to have become profoundly beautiful (angelic almost), would have some sort of tag on her or ingested. They also needed to get her more medical attention, as the Judge had only been able to stabilize her. She directed the team to a good safe house that had magical wards and good security where they would be safe. Ice covered the 500 nuyen fee for the one day they figured they needed to stay.

The Judge called Salve and convinced him to come down with a tag eraser and work on Andrea. With supreme skill and panace, Salve extracted the bullet from Andrea’s liver and patched her up with the extensive equipment the safe house had on hand. While still out cold, she didn’t seem to be in any more immediate danger from her injury.

At 7pm Chance when to the train station to get the package from the locker Lance had left for the team. It contained 4 sets of high quality body armor (Lance didn’t know about the addition of Rainov to the group). It also contained an assault cannon with rounds containing an unknown substance. Biscuit would know how to handle the assault cannon and his size would help as well.

With one major hurde covered, the team did their best to recover and rest up for they next amazing feat, surviving the mission from Lance. The Judge was relieved that they had been able to rescue Andrea.


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